After Hours Maintenance

On call maintenance service requests hours are:
Monday through Friday 4pm – 12am; Weekends 8am – 12am; Holidays 8am – 12am. Only the emergencies that endanger the health of residents will maintenance respond to immediately at any hour. (Emergencies that fall under this category are listed in bold)

To make an emergency call during the above time frames:

  1. Call (940) 733-8616
  2. A maintenance employee will answer (or you may get a voice mail) please make sure all this information is given.
    1. Full name
    2. Address (number part of the address w/ the letter and the street name)
    3. Phone number
    4. The emergency you are calling about
    5. When you call let the maintenance person know if it is ok to enter your apartment if you are not home. (without your permission they can only come out when you (the tenant on the lease) is home)
  1. If you are calling for Maintenance to let you into your apartment, you must have on your person (not in your apartment) a current form of a photo identification card with the address you are calling about. If you do not have this, we will not let you in. No exceptions. 


  • Fire / Ambulance
  • Heater Problem (no heat) only during the days it is 40° or below outdoors
  • A/C Problem (no cool air) only during the days it is 90° or above outdoors (we will not come out for this issue between the hours of 10pm to 8am)
  • Smoke Alarm
  • Stopped up Sewer
  • Refrigerator stops working
  • Stove (both stove top and oven) not working
  • Major water leak (not dripping water)
  • Stopped up toilet (only if you have one bathroom)
  • Hot Water Heater
  • Roof Leak
  • No Electricity
  • Break In
  • Lost keys (there will be a $30.00 charge for us to come out)
  • Broken window or Entrance door
  • Broken Entrance door lock (broken or will not lock)
  • Exposed Electrical lines
  • Loose ceiling (about to fall in)

For all other issues please wait for normal business hours and call the maintenance department to put in a work order.