Maintenance Aide


Maintenance positions are selected by and responsible to the Maintenance Supervisor.


Under direction of the Supervisor, performed semi- skilled and skilled duties involved in the maintenance, and related service activities related to housing and grounds maintenance. This is the entry level class in the maintenance series. This class is distinguished from A & B position by the performance of the more routine tasks and duties assigned to positions within the series.

General Duties: 

  1. Performs a variety of maintenance and repair functions, with minimum supervision to all structures.
  2. Does repairs on electrical, plumbing, and heating equipment.
  3. May assist skilled mechanic on major maintenance or construction projects such as periodic overhauling of heating equipment and repainting of structures.
  4. Uses power tools such as sander, saw, router and planer; uses variety of hand tools when making repairs to equipment and structures.
  5. Performs general maintenance repairs and construction duties, below level of skilled mechanic, to structures and equipment.
  6. Makes minor repairs to mowers, edger and other maintenance equipment.
  7. Cleans out sewer lines and stopped up sinks.
  8. Does any other maintenance work assign by the Maintenance Supervisor.
  9. Makes off-duty service calls as emergencies arise.
  10. Must maintain a valid Texas driver’s license.
  11. Must be able to lift 100 pounds.
  12. Assists, when necessary, with any other duty as directed by the Executive Director.
  13. Consistently presents Wichita Falls Housing Authority and its services in a positive manner and adheres to customer service guidelines and procedures.

Performance Measures:

Ability to troubleshoot, diagnoses, determines priorities and repair work in a timely manner.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing

Correctly learn, interpret, explain and apply housing authority policies and   

procedures, organization and operating details of the function to which assigned.

Work effectively with people from a variety of social, economic and racial backgrounds.

Management is appropriately informed of area activities.

Assistance and supported are provided as needed within the Authority.


High school graduate or equivalent preferred.

Prefer two years’ journeyman level experience in two or more of the building or more of the building or mechanical maintenance trades.

Attention to detail 

Well organized

 Dress Code for Maintenance WFHA Employees 

Shirt no logo/very small logo (nothing offensive)

Caps solid in color or non-offensive logos are allowed


Work boots

Absolutely no worn / torn jeans, holes in shirt, no bandanas and NO HOODIES