As an incentive for our residents to take pride in their yards, the Wichita Falls Housing Authority (WFHA) has sponsored a Yard of the Month Contest since 1996.

The contest begins in May and continues until August each year. The WFHA staff selects the three residents having the best yards in our communities and awards First Place $100, Second Place $50, and Third Place $25.

There is much competition among our residents for these awards and we have many outstanding yards in our neighborhoods.

Although each resident is responsible for the cleanliness and general appearance of their yards, WFHA provides mowing and trimming, if desired, to all residents at no cost.

yotm300x200In December of each year, the WFHA staff selects the resident whose yard was the best maintained and the most attractive during the year.

This selected resident is awarded $200 for diligence in beautifying our neighborhood.

Our Beautification Team, composed of nine (9) residents, is always on the job policing the common areas for trash, litter and debris.

This program has been very successful in keeping our common areas clean. There is always a waiting list of residents who want to perform this service.

As an incentive to residents to pay their rent before the 6th day of each month, WFHA sponsors the ‘Pay Your Rent on Time” drawing.

The resident whose name is drawn receives $50.

Just pay your rent before the 6th day of the month to become eligible for the drawing.

Two apartment unit numbers appear in each issue of Residents’ Matters, one number for each month of the newsletter. If you find your unit number anywhere in the newsletter, take it to the WFHA Office and receive $30.

Just by reading the Housing Monthly, you can keep abreast of events, concerns, and policies that affect your community, and you may win $30. If no one claims money for the month it will roll over to the following month. 

The purpose of the Resident Council is to promote the general welfare and to improve life for the residents of the WFHA Apartments.

All residents (at least 18 years of age) of the WFHA Apartments are automatically a member of the Resident Council.

Regular meetings are held each month:
Ben Donnell Resident Council:
Second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the Paul Irwin Activity Center
115 E. Wichita Street

Mill Street Resident Council:
Second Thursday of each month at 5:00 p.m.

Rosewood Resident Council:
Second Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m at 805 E Juarez Street.

Make plans to attend your Resident Council Meeting. Refreshments are served after the business meeting.

This is an excellent way to meet your neighbors.